To Japanese Sauneris

What is the sound of water touching 1 650 kilos of hot stones?

The gentle heat of the Hollolan Hirvi Smoke Sauna may surprise you with its softness. It takes four hours to create this blissful experience for the Sauna fans. Airiness and ideal humidity demands a careful warming process. It starts with the right kind of wood and it ends with brushing the walls and benches for the saunneri.

Enjoy the trendiest and the most traditional way of Finnish rouryu in the Hollolan Hirvi Smoke Sauna. Take a private moment of mental and physical purification or choose a social event sharing and relaxing with the locals. You can also order a guided experience and dive deeper in the art of Sauna.
This unique aspen log Sauna is surrounded by green fields and rocks of Ice Age. It was designed and completed in 2015 by local masters of wood and stone building. The ”father” of the Hollolan Hirvi Smoke Sauna is Mr. Ilkka Sipilä says the Sauna was built for generations to come.

In 2017 Hollolan Hirvi Smoke Sauna was the first in Southern Finland to receive the Sauna from Finland Quality Certification. In 2018 it was selected among the top 100 in the country by Visit Finland (There are about 2,8 million Saunas in Finland).

Your most important trip to Finnish culture and history goes through the traditional Smoke Sauna.

Welcome to enjoy and collect your Goshuincho stamp in Hollolan Hirvi!